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ROCK provides expertise in marketing, systemization & technology.
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My name is Spencer. I am the owner of ROCK Marketing. In college, I worked as a pest control sales rep--selling pest control door-to-door. Over the years I have personally sold well over 3000 accounts. Besides that, I have worked as a technician, a sales manager, a branch manager, and have started 2 pest control companies from scratch. I have been involved in a two multi-million dollar Terminix acquisitions. I have been licensed as an applicator in 7 states. And I have acted as a marketing consultant for many pest control companies.

Obviously a portion of my background is in pest control; however my passion, and my education is in online marketing. Because of this combination, I started ROCK, a specialized marketing firm which helps pest control companies to dominate their market. I have observed that a huge majority of pest control websites (and their marketing campaigns) are horribly ineffective. Websites are so cluttered, and confusing that they will irritate the subconscious minds of prospects and actually turn away sales. PPC campaigns run traffic to general home pages--a big no-no in paid advertising. Many pest control websites prominently display pictures of disgusting bugs like cockroaches and spiders, which is kind of ironic when you consider that the whole reason your customers come to you, is because they don't want to see bugs. Pest control companies typically don't use social media, and if they do, they don't use effectively. This is all because these pest control websites and online campaigns are either built by hired-web-design-companies who know nothing about pest control --or-- they are built by pest-control-experts who know little of online marketing.

If you work with me, your website will be second to none. Your adwords campaign will beat the socks off competition. Your social media campaign will actually produce sales. Your customer referral program will come to life. Your brand will be memorable. Your customer retention will sky rocket. Your business systems will improve. Your bottom line will increase.

I'm Spencer Christensen. I bring marketing and pest control together more effectively than anyone else in the world. The companies that I partner with WIN. They dominate their market. You can be one of them.


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Web Design

Your website must produce sales. It will.

Tracking & Analytics

You need to be able to track marketing and see what works. You will.

Online Search

When people search, your website needs to pop up. It will.

Offline Design

You need to utilize things like radio & billboards. You will.

Social Media

When people browse social media, they need to see your page. They will.

Video Marketing

Your company needs to leverage the awesome power of video to tell its story. It will.

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We offer a consultation for $230.

After that consultation we will create a Customized Growth Strategy.

This CGS will set forth exactly how to take your company to the next level